Lavender Oil for Hair Growth

Lavender Oil for Hair Growth

Hair that is dry, brittle and prone to excessive breakage can be protected with products containing lavender oil. More studies and academic institutions are supporting the benefits of lavender oil for hair, especially in the treatment of alopecia areata.

The idea of using lavender essential oil for hair is not a new one. Cultures around the world have recommended the use of lavender oil for hair loss for centuries. Traditional applications usually take the form of an herbal rinse, but recent innovations have led to the inclusion of lavender oil in highly specialized products, such as Formula 43 & Formula 43X.

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How Does Lavender Oil Help Hair Growth?

This simple essential oil has natural antiseptic properties, and is suggested as an effective treatment for itchy scalp or dandruff. These are not usually serious conditions, but this is the most popular of all lavender oil uses for hair. If you suffer from chronic itchiness or dandruff, then speak to your doctor before applying any topical remedy.

Many people ask how does lavender oil help hair grow. It is possible to promote hair growth with lavender oil, but its application alone will not cause new hair to appear overnight. By gently and regularly massaging the scalp with a lavender oil shampoo, you will increase the circulation to your hair follicles. This allows your body to more efficiently deliver all the wonderful vitamins and nutrients needed to fuel healthy hair growth.

Aside from the antiseptic and circulatory benefits of using lavender oil for hair, it also can be a fantastic way to reduce stress. Aromatherapy is all about relaxation through smell. Incorporating lavender oil into bath time, or choosing a product containing the intoxicating aroma, can help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Acute hair loss due to stress affects many people, and can easily lead to a perpetuating cycle of worry. Getting in control of anxiety about hair loss can improve mental, physical, and of course, hair health.

Alopecia and Lavender Oil

Many people lose their hair because of a medical condition called alopecia areata. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to reject its hair follicles as foreign objects. Lavender oil is a natural product to help treat this disease. A sense of calm is a bonus!

Lavender Oil & Hair Growth

Lavender oil can help create new hair growth. The essential oil aids in hair growth as well as treats sleeplessness, stress and anxiety. It can also help stop hair loss.

The lavender flower has a sweet, soft scent and is where the essential oil is extracted from. Lavender oil is regenerative and found in hair formulas for all types of hair and scalp conditions.

They did the research. A study by a group of dermatologists in Scotland showed that 44 percent of alopecia patients who were tested experienced new hair growth when they massaged their scalp daily with lavender and other essential oils for seven months.