Peter & Lisa Dudek

About Us

We are two crazy people who found each other in an 80's Cover Band. Lisa was the Lead Singer and Peter was the Keyboard Player.


During our 29 years of marriage we've had 6 beautiful amazing children. We've also cared for untold numbers of cats and lots of dogs.

We love plants and the miracles they produce for humankind. In fact, for several years we were Organic Farmers, serving people in Central California with our Community Supported Agriculture farm.

For the past 12 years we've been dedicated to creating All-Natural Essential Oil products to help people with their problems with head lice and scabies.

So far we've helped over 80,000 families with our products.

We're super excited about our new project,!

We're looking forward to bringing our Essential Oil Expertise to helping you solve YOUR problems with hair, skin and nails.

We believe in ONLY using all-natural ingredients that are Chemical Free and OF COURSE Cruelty Free.