Board of Advisors

Here are the Distinguished Experts on our Board of Advisors:

Lisa Dudek Board Chairwoman

Lisa Dudek is the Chairwoman and an Expert Consumer Product Evaluator for products for hair, skin and nails.

Nearly every time Lisa goes out into the public she is approached by at least one person who cannot help themselves - they just HAVE to give her a compliment on her hair and/or her naturally long eyelashes.

Lisa governs our Board of Directors and she also helps in the Early Evaluation of new formulas and products.

Candice has been Vlogging about her life and beauty tips since nearly the beginning of Vlogging. 

Candice DiazVlogger
Doug AllenMarketing Expert

I have known Peter Dudek for almost 7 years now. He's a rare find in the skeezy world of internet marketers. He's both brilliant when it comes to marketing and implementation, plus he has impeccable integrity. He's one of the few people I bring in to work on $100,000+ projects with me that I trust to always do what's in the best interest of the client.

I'm Camelia - A hair & lifestyle Blogger and YouTuber who aspires to help people obtain long & healthy hair.

Camelia KatoozianBlogger/YouTuber