Our First Product Category: Grow Hair Faster

Why We Chose This Category to Start Our Company

Peter & Lisa Dudek

We're looking for Affiliates with experience promoting PHYSICAL PRODUCTS.

Where "Info/Digital" products have very low costs of production, physical products have a higher cost to manufacture. Especially when they are Made in the U.S.A with top quality (organic where possible) ingredients.

Top quality products generate repeat and recurring sales.

Better for you. Better for the customer. Better for us.

Besides our first product "Formula 43" above, we are developing lots more products for you to make money with. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM.

If you get that, and have experience with physical products or want to get started promoting top quality physical products, check this out...​

We're offering a Starting Affiliate commission of 20% and a Super Affiliate or Experienced Physical Product Affiliate commission of 30%.​

Affiliates approved by Personal Invitation or if we don't know you, by telephone interview only.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please send an email with a BRIEF Bio of your Affiliate or Marketing experience, your phone number and a good time to call to: Thanks!