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Pssst! Wanna make some extra money? is a BRAND NEW company with BRAND NEW "HIGH-END" PREMIUM PRODUCTS FOR HAIR, SKIN & NAILS.

(We started from scratch in 2017 - NOBODY knows about this yet! If you're seeing this, you're one of the first!)

All our products are ALL-NATURAL and are developed by Expert Natural Product Formulators.

Your Customers and Clients will LOVE them and by promoting them, you could make some nice extra money!

Read this page. Watch the video to find out why we chose "Grow Hair Faster" as our first product.

Then APPLY to become a Retailer.

Do it NOW before someone else in your area beats you to it!​

Our First Product Category: Grow Hair Faster

Why We Chose This Category to Start Our Company

Regular and Extra Strength

There are some very specific reasons why we have Regular and and Extra Strength versions of our Formula 43.

  • Some People Want "Safe" Products​
  • Even MORE People Want Faster Results
  • The "Regular" Version Establishes the Price
  • The "Extra Strength" Version Justifies a Higher Price

How Much Extra Money Could You Make?

If you are approved as a Retailer, you'll get our products at the Wholesale Discount Prices of 50% Off.

So for every $1 you invest in Inventory, you would make $2 in Revenue. 

With our first products, Formula 43 and Formula 43X, there are two sizes each. So here are the numbers...

  • Formula 43 (Travel Size) Retail Price - $14.95 | Your Profit: $7.48
  • Formula 43 (Personal Size) Retail Price - $24.95 | Your Profit: $12.48
  • Formula 43X (Travel Size) Retail Price - $19.95 | Your Profit: $9.98
  • Formula 43X (Personal Size) Retail Price - $39.95 | Your Profit: $19.98

So if you invest the minimum in inventory of $300, your revenue would be $600.

Wholesale Tiered Pricing

We are offering a Tiered Wholesale Pricing Structure (includes Free Ground Shipping within the Continental United States):

Purchase Amount

Wholesale Discount

$300 or More


If you have any questions, please email to:

CLICK HERE to see a list of Our Other Products that are COMING SOON!


When you are approved as a Retailer, we will put you on our "Find a Retailer" map so that people who come to our website can find you and come to your location to buy our products.

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